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  1. We can never relax when it comes to traffic laws. Legislators are constantly amending various provisions to adapt traffic to new means and new trends and to limit the ever-increasing number of violations.
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Motorcycle fines, the new law – motori.news

This is why the highway code is a bit like the Penal Code or the Civil Code, and you must always keep yourself informed because the law does not allow ignorance.

When it comes to traffic offences, fines are always around the corner and in some cases they can be very expensive. However, not everyone knows that we can get fines even when we are not the ones to commit the infraction. It sounds absurd, but it’s true.

There are many examples of how this event can happen, but today we will talk about a very common case in the world of two wheels.

Driving responsibility

Of course we have some responsibility when driving any type of vehicle. Indeed, when we drive, we are also responsible for the lives and health of our passengers. That is why, for example, drunk driving that could injure or kill a passenger can be charged with a very serious crime even if the victim is a family member.

Motorcycle fines – motori.news

The same goes for wearing seat belts. Drivers are always responsible for the transport of minorsregardless of the degree of kinship. If they don’t want to wear it, we have to get them out of the car.

News in the world of two wheels: you could risk every day

Finally, we come to the topic that interests us the most. The same rules apply to two-wheelers and helmets worn by passengers. As we know, there are very strict rules for two wheels and for helmets, which are always mandatory and must be approved. Until now, the responsibility of minors on motorbikes has always rested with the driver, who was penalized if the passenger did not wear a helmet.

However, that will change in the future. The novelty is that now yes fines will also be applied to passengers of legal age. At the very least, the fine amount remains unchanged and goes from 83 to 332 eurosas written in article 171.

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Two on the bike – motori.news

So, from now on, don’t allow anyone who doesn’t want to wear a helmet to ride behind your bike. You will have to pay the consequences, even if there are no accidents.

When can we not wear a helmet?

Drivers and passengers are exempt from the obligation:

– of motor vehicles and mopeds with three or four wheels with closed body;
– of motorcycles and two or three-wheeled mopeds equipped with an anti-collision safety cell, as well as restraint systems and devices that ensure safe use of the vehicle.

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