you will always do this before you get out of the car

Not everyone knows that there are tricks in the world of cars that can change the lives of drivers and passengers in seconds.

Car tricks tricks

These are unknown featuresincredible, surprising, completely unexpected things, of comfort and convenience practically given away.

A trick that can be applied to all cars, it has to do with electric windows which fall into the category because they have buttons, of which not everyone knows the functionality or in any case they know each other but only half of them.

The buttons on the windows hide foolproof tricks

These buttons are very comfortable but at the same time delicate, they require periodic maintenance because if damage or breakdowns occur, the consequence would be considerable outlays that not everyone can face. Behind a simple button hides something more.

The electric window control panel, it can also be used to control or manage all the other windows and glasses on the car. The driver can use the window button to lower, close, lock the windows of all other passengers.

Finally, it can also lock the doors and windows while traveling, which is essential especially when there are children in the car, which becomes quite dangerous because they can think of getting out the window and leaning out unnoticed But be careful because it does not end there. There is a unique function, a fundamental trick that makes everything much easier, which applies in particular when you get out of the car to get benefit when you get back in.

How to use this secret feature, a must-have in-car trick

If you keep the window button pressed for 5 seconds with the engine off, when returning to the car, always with the engine off, the window comes down automatically as soon as the door is closed.

To activate the function that no one probably knows, the key must be pressed for 5 consecutive times button for closing and opening the window, for only 5 seconds. The effect will be incredible. For some it may seem like a useless thing, in reality it is not at all because the passenger, for example, will be able to lower the glass without waiting for the driver to start the engine.

In winter, probably nobody cares, in summer yes. When it’s hot and you want to get out of the window but the driver is not there and the car is off, just hold the button down and that’s it. This is simply a minor detail, which however can make the difference and which also allows you to face a journey in peace and serenity.

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