Old car? Use skim milk, if you put it here it works wonders: everyone is doing it

An old car can be cleaned and made like new in just a few steps and with an ingredient that we all have at home, particularly in the refrigerator, which has incredible special properties.

milk to clean the car
Milk to clean your car – Motori.news

After using this ingredient, the car will become practically new, to be envied, it will become a trick which is difficult to do without.

A car that is old or new is very expensive, at the beginning you have to face a very high expense, then you have to pay taxes on taxes, not insignificant, so neglect it certainly not a good idea.

Why cleaning the car steering wheel is important

The car must always be maintained well, in an optimal way, for this reason it is advisable to carry out the coupon when it’s time, without wasting too much time or postponing it, pay attention to both the mechanical and aesthetic conditions not so much to boast a fantastic car, but simply for yourself.

For instance the steering wheel deteriorates easily, so if we don’t take care of it properly, it becomes a big problem, as already mentioned not only for aesthetics but above all for our health. This is because the dirt passes from the steering wheel, to the fingers, to the eyes and to the nose without us even realizing it during the journey. Often you even drive and eat at the same time, there is nothing dirtier than the steering wheel, other than the gearbox and pedals.


How to clean the leather steering wheel with milk

In general, a damp cloth is enough to clean the steering wheel, as far as the plastic steering wheel is concerned, if it is sticky it is dirty, so it is good to use a detergent or any other product to degrease it. On the other hand, as regards the leather one, just wet it with a microfiber fiber cloth and then dry it. A universal cleaner is fine for both cases, although especially the leather steering wheel could too lose its brightness and at this point normal cleaning and hygiene may not be enough.

In this case, a cream suitable for the leather of the steering wheel could be useful, after wiping it it is recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the residues. Alternatively, there is a homemade method that refers to skim milk, or cleansing milk for the face. The cost is negligible, the result is fantastic. What you need is a brush for leather, cotton and obviously the milk rubbing over the steering wheel and that’s it. The result is the best.

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