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Speed ​​cameras are the devices most hated by Italian motorists, because they do not forgive any mistakes, if you exceed the expected speed on the road you are traveling on, they cause massacre.

Speed ​​cameras, the new models with radar
Speed ​​cameras, the new models with radar-Motori.news

This is especially dangerous for new drivers who run the risk of receiving not only high penalties, but also the reduction of the license points or even the suspension of the same. Everything changes according to the type of infringementtime, situation.

The fine arrives directly at home, without even realizing that they have been reported, this especially if and when you are careless driving and in life.

Velocar, now car journeys may cost more than expected

In short, in general it can be said that there is no peace for motorists, especially there is no peace in the summer when you move much more, perhaps to go on vacation or to go to the beach or throughout the year when you go to work or go to school. Flying over the expensive fuel, a shift albeit of a few kilometers can cost a lot, it can even cost you to suspend your driving license. All this is particularly useful for local administrations who have the opportunity to make cash.

In particular, the new speed cameras, also called velocar, which are much more effective and intelligent than the classic old devices, make roads. With these it becomes very difficult if not impossible to get away with it because the new models of speed cameras are able to record the speed of vehicles from a distancetherefore they detect the speed of the car even being 30 meters away, they act without having to use the laser beam.

speed cameras – Engines.news

This is how the new speed camera works, which leaves no way out

The new technology is based on measurement of average speed of vehicles in space time, this means that slowing down near speed cameras is no longer needed because you still get a fine. In this way, the Municipality of Florence sent 32,000 fines in just one month.

Mostly commuters and workers were affected, who had to pay very high fines and in some cases even received the news of the deduction of license points for exceeding the speed limit. The new speed cameras are installed on the poles, they are not easily visible, calculate the average speed over a wide road radius. Those who think they can get away with the classic nailed a few meters from the speed camera putting other motorists at risk, now has no way out. There is also no room for delusion or the hope of being able to evade control.

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