Cover the mirrors with 2 bags before closing the car, they could save your life

There are some tricks that can save the lives of motorists, in some special cases. At first glance they might seem trivial tricks, in reality they are not at all. In particular, a trick that has to do with car mirrors in areas where ice is present in large quantities throughout the winter can be useful.

Plastic bag on the mirrors
Plastic bag on the mirrors – Motori.News

In the morning as soon as you get out of bed, wash yourself, still sleepy getting ready to go to work, you get off to take the car and suddenly you find yourself having to face an absurd situationunpleasant, not a little problematic and certainly not fun.

We are talking about the snow and ice blocking the car. Removing them especially from the mirrors or rear window is a problem as they don’t go away easily. Which means getting cold, wasting a lot of time, arriving late for work or school. Unfortunately in the north this situation always happens, almost every morning, how to solve it if you don’t have a garage or a sheltered place to park your car?

Mirrors full of ice or snow, how to solve the problem

Someone uses a trick that works, it may seem trivial but it solves the situation in a very short time, with a gesture that costs very few cents. The first thing to do is to keep the weather under control, if you realize that the next day it is likely that it will snow or that the car is full of ice due to frosts, you just have to arrange the bags on the mirrors and on the rear and front glass of the vehicle.

These are the classic freeze bags that we buy at the supermarket to store meat or food, whatever it is, in the freezer. So, before going to sleep, place these bags in strategic points, the next day just pull them away, leave and leave without wasting a minute too long.

Why putting frost bags on the rear window or mirror is important

All this not only serves to reduce timing but also to protect the car in its entirety. It may seem exaggerated but that’s right, the ice and snow that settle on the mirrors can cause major fractures that are difficult to repair as well as expensive.

Then there is also the fact that the presence of glass or ice on the mirror reduces the visibility of those who are driving, which can also cause serious accidents because it is not possible to keep the whole road and vehicle under control.

Those who find themselves having to face this problem every morning, can try this attempt, the functionality of the frost bag so it is certain that once done, it will no longer be possible to do without it.

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