Richard Hammond Takes You On A Barn Super-Secret Car Tour

Richard Hammond’s secret car warehouse isn’t as crowded as it used to be. He had to sell several models to fund the equipment needed for his restoration workshop. However, Hammond is still happy to offer tours of the site, showing off the remaining cars while hinting at future builds and projects.

The warehouse was quite large, with only a handful of cars occupying the space. Almost everything is vintage, with bikes like the Suzuki GSXR 1100 sitting next to iconic vehicles like Hammond’s 1968 Ford Mustang, which he describes as “a little car that’s just incredible to operate.”

Also sitting in the barn is Hammond’s Jaguar XK150. He restored this vehicle, finishing it in Dove Gray with a red interior. Under the hood is a rebuilt straight-six engine, which the Hammond pairs with a modern gearbox. Other modifications include upgraded brakes and a limited-slip differential. The XK150 is located just meters from the incomplete Jaguar XK120. Hammond had plans for it, but the project stalled.

An old Peugeot pickup truck sat uncovered and near the back of the barn. It desperately needs some TLC, but Hammond says he has plans for it, but he won’t reveal what it is. He also has the last car he drove upper teeth – an MGB GT – sits in the barn with Buick Riviera, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and more. However, it has plenty of room for an extra car, even with some trash and an incomplete Land Rover piled up in the corner.

Some spaces are very empty. The spot for the 1969 Porsche 911 he sold was not occupied. He also sold a Lotus Esprit 350 Sport and a 1959 Bentley. These funds were used to purchase an oven, prep room, and paint room for a startup restoration business.

The warehouse served as a bountiful storage area for the cars he couldn’t keep at home, which must have been a terrible problem to have. His collection is smaller than before, but he now runs a restoration shop with events on Discovery+. It takes time and money.

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