Goodbye 50 km / h, on these roads the new limit of 30 km / h: beware of very high fines

In Rome we are preparing to say goodbye to the limit of 50 km / h, the municipality wants to start the redevelopment of bad roads, also focusing on the introduction of environmental islands. By the jubilee, 69 should be born. 4 will be ready within the next few weeks.

Goodbye 50 km / h
Goodbye 50 km / h –

Consumers complain that there is a hole every 15 meters due to these failures 11,000 road accidents occurred in 2021. The municipality now has to pay a million euros to all motorists forced to repair their cars due to the disastrous conditions of the roads.

The major road maintenance contracts have only now been awarded, more than a year late. Now Obviously, the results will be expected so the only solution we can rely on is to lower the speed limit of cars, from 50 km / h to 30 km / h.

Areas where the new speed limit will be imposed

In some areas, those on which work will begin shortly, there will be special rules. In the environmental islands the speed limits will be between 10 and 30 kilometers per hour. The cars that will circulate in this area will be only those authorized, who will have to ask for permission to pass to pedestrians. There will be pigmented, clear or even colored asphalts. The black bitumen that is generally used absorbs too much heat, and the heat cracks the surface, even causing the tires to melt and erasing pedestrian crossings in record time.

THE pavements will therefore be made with sustainable materials, without slides for driveways. All these works are inspired by Barcelona. The works are directed by the Councilor for Transport Eugenio Patanè, Ornella Segnini to Public Works, then the directors of the Mobility and Urban Planning Departments, all the representatives of the National Superintendence and the Capitoline Superintendency take part.

The goal is to increase safety by reducing traffic, reducing polluting emissions and safeguarding decor. In some areas, construction sites have started.

Other areas will then arise at 30 km / h, Terme Deciane and in Viale Ratto delle Sabine. The offshore Ravenna area and largo Millesimo will be ready by February.

The works will be completed by the end of the year

Speed ​​limit also lowered near the San Pietro station, the historic villas of the Gianicolo and Monteverde, then Colle Oppio, Termini or via del Viminale.

Then also on the Ostia seafront, in via Veneto, Caracalla, Porta Metronia, Ripa di Trastevere, Colli Aniene, Porta Latina and finally Torre Maura. All these works will have to be finished by the end of this year.

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