Roadblocks, thorough checks on tires: the fine is very heavy

A good condition of the tires is essential to guarantee maximum safety: a check by the police can also cost you dearly

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Now that we get closer to the winter season which will lead us to the usual tire change, we must also make sure that these are in ideal conditions for driving and that they comply with the indications provided by the highway code.

It is thearticle 79 in particular to regulate the condition of the tires, which goes into the specific when talking about efficiency both on motor vehicles and on any trailers to load. Now we will go and see together what the law provides from this point of view, what you need to make sure before getting in the car and above all what you risk if you get caught by roadblocks that become more and more present and severe.

Tires up to standard: what does the Highway Code provide and what do you risk?

Let’s start from the end: what law enforcement is checking in case they have to stop you to take a look at the tires? A bit of everything, from the correct homologation to the presence of more or less visible damage on the cover up to the correct correspondence of the parameters shown on the registration certificate and so on.

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Tire inspection by the tire dealer –

A fundamental parameter is that of tread depth which must be at least 1.6 mm. These are aspects that you must not underestimate, because regardless of the risk of a “simple” administrative fine, the greatest danger is represented precisely for your safety: a non-compliant tire can reduce grip on the road and increase the risk of lose control of the vehicle.

So what does the highway code say in this sense? We have already mentioned article 79 and now we are going to deepen it, looking in particular at all the technical prescriptions that are included in regulation DPR 495/92.

We have already mentioned the minimum limit of the tread depth which must be 1.6mm for cars. This value changes to 1.00mm for motorcycles and of 0.50mm for scooters. The relief pattern of the tread must also be visible over the entire width and circumference of the tires.

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Tire control –

Having said that, let’s move on to the fines, which can be very “high”. Depending on the gravity of the infringement, the administrative fine can start from 85 euros up to 338 euros plus the deduction of two points from the driving license. In the event of adverse or difficult weather conditions, the brigade can even arrange for the vehicle to be stopped immediately.

If the mounted tires do not have the same specifications as those indicated in the registration certificate, the fine becomes more severe, starting from 422 euros up to 1695 eurosthe withdrawal of the booklet and immediate obligation to inspect the car.

Manual tire changes
Tire change –

How to behave then? Rely on professional tire specialists who know how to guide you in the choice and good maintenance of tires, especially at certain times of the year. Absolutely avoid buying used tires and that they have been “restored” and remember to inflate it about once a month, when cold. If you are not able, you can contact your trusted tire dealer.

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