Noemi Bocchi, what car do you own? Totti’s regalone: ​​Ilary a fury

After the confirmation of the story with Totti, Noemi Bocchi was spotted on the streets of Rome aboard an electric car costing over 50,000 euros, different from her usual car. However, this would be the car in which Francesco Totti is a Volkswagen Testimonial.

Noemi Bocchi, what a car she owns
Noemi Bocchi, who owns a car-

Since making her relationship with the former Roma captain official, Noemi has kept a low profile, not exposing herself on television and, above all, not making statements. She has kept away from gossip, taking care of the two children born of a broken marriage before meeting Totti. The paparazzi, however, kept an eye on her and photographed her on the streets of the capital.

The paparazzi have once again immortalized the flower designer on the streets of Rome, the city where she was born and raised. This time she is alone, not accompanied by her new love, but the shadow of the Pupone is always present. The flower designer decides to run an errand with the car of the former Giallorossi player.

The football player’s car

There Volkswagen ID.5, with which Noemi Bocchi was seen driving near Rome, is a coupé version of the ID.4. It is a crossover based on the MEB platform, with a 77 kWh battery. It has a rear-mounted engine, five seats and a simple, technological and spacious cockpit.

Noemi Bocchi with Totti’s car –

Totti was celebrity endorsement of this Volkswagen since February and the car that Noemi was driving had a large sign with her name on the door. It is therefore assumed that the Volkswagen used was a promotional vehicle.

A car with software that optimizes the mileage range

The interior of the Volkswagen ID.5 –

Let’s start by explaining that the ID.5 is available with a single engine and rear-wheel drive or in GTX versions with two engines and all-wheel drive. With the help of the softwarebattery and motor management has been improved, energy is no longer wasted during emergency braking, stopping and starting, and regenerative charging is optimized.

Furthermore, it is not new that the driving mode chosen by the driver affects not only the performance of the model, but also the duration of a “full charge”. Therefore, one of the new features is thebattery iconwhich shows the available range as a percentage on the display and helps the driver to better dose the accelerator pedal.

And always with the help of the software it can be connected to fast HPC columns in direct current up to 135kW. The result is 6 minutes less every 100km. When selecting an infrastructure, the navigator can now indicate directly to the driver the duration of the stop.

ID.5 is also compatible with the system Plug & Charge, which allows direct communication between the car and the charging station. Just plug in the cable without using the app. No more connection problems, mobile phones or codes to enter. ID.5 is authenticated as soon as the customer connects the cable.

Equipped with a camera and a radar, the ID.5 is not only capable of locate parking spaces available by pressing a button on the dashboard, but also to choose and do maneuvers in semi-automatic mode.

Finally, it introduces the technology Car2X. Cars equipped with this feature can communicate via the cloud and share route information such as traffic, hazard information, road closures and weather information over the network.

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