What are those annoying dots on the edge of the windshield for?

Any driver, even the least attentive and most distracted, will have noticed them. These are dots present in most models of new and old machines.

Black dots on the windshield
Black dots on the windshield – Motori.News

Regardless of the brand or from the vehicle itself, they are flashy black dots, that are not a little annoying to the eye, yet not many know that they have a very important purpose.

To understand what their role is and because they are placed right there, on the windshield, you need to familiarize yourself a little with the window manufacturing process.

That’s why there are black dots on any windshield

To understand their role, we need to talk about the windows and the manufacturing process. To mount the window on any car you have to cover the edges using ceramic paint and then heat them. During the heating process, the paint overheats and reaches a very high temperature. That’s why the black dots are placed right on the edge of the windshield.

The aim is to prevent it from happening an important temperature difference between the various areas of the glass, preventing damage. The black contour of the windshield serves to make it harder and safer. The glue is then used because in this way the glass is fixed. The dark color of the black dots counteracts the effects of ultraviolet rays which alter the properties of the glue. That’s why this lasts much longer.


The importance of the windshield in all cars

The windshield is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, because it gives us visibility when we drive, then protects us from wind, water and the sun. In addition, in some cases, or in the most modern cars, the very expensive ones often are also mounted in the windshield cameras with integrated sensors that allow you to drive in total safety by having control of the whole road at all times.

The black dots therefore protect the windshield and prevent the adhesive that holds it from peeling off or losing its effectiveness. The glass is resistant, this quality is important for the safety of those traveling inside the vehicle. In fact if the glass were to be too fragile there is a risk that small pieces of glass will cause punctures.

To conclude, it cannot be overlooked that the windshield increases safety up to 30% of the car even in the event of an accident. In this case, in fact, the airbag would press against it, then project itself against the person. A poorly sealed window would be very dangerous for the passengers and the driver of the vehicle.

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