Mercedes-Benz EQG Will Have “Phenomical Performance” On And Off The Road

Mercedes-Benz’s efforts to electrify its lineup will include the G-Class. The automaker previewed the production version more than a year ago with the Concept EQG. While specific details remain elusive, company official comments are starting to paint an interesting picture of what the actual EQG will offer when it arrives.

Ola Källenius, chairman of the management board of the Mercedes-Benz Group and the person who drove the early prototype, said Motorcycle Trends that the SUV will have “phenomenal performance on and off the road.” He called it “competent” and “easy to ride.”

Mercedes hasn’t provided much information about the powertrain, but the concept is making its debut with four electric motors that will go into production. They operate independently of each other and work with a movable two-speed gearbox. Earlier this year, Mercedes released a video showing the EQG doing a tank turn – a 360-degree turn on its own axis. At the time, the automaker also revealed that the SUV would feature a specially designed rigid rear axle and independent front suspension.

The company has a new platform that supports its EVs called EVA2. However, the electric G-Class won’t use it. Based on Motorcycle TrendsAccording to reports, the SUV will be driven on a special platform. “It is his own vehicle, a full stop, and will remain his own vehicle,” Källenius told the publication. Another EQG difference is the optional silicon anode battery that Mercedes will offer in the model. This will provide a 20 to 40 percent increase in energy density but comes at a premium.

However, that’s not the only battery technology Mercedes is working on. The automaker is also developing lithium-iron phosphate batteries for entry-level vehicles and Mercedes is developing new battery cells with Stellantis and ACC.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG will launch sometime in 2024, giving the automaker plenty of time to perfect its product. We expect Mercedes to offer SUVs with various powertrain and battery configurations. The starting price is also unknown, but the G-Class remains a fairly popular model. In 2021, sales hit a new record, and this demand will only help Mercedes make more money. We hope to learn more about this model in the coming months.

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