here’s what you must never do

The figure of the conductor on the bus frightens everyone, because we know that he is a person authorized to raise fines in the presence of passengers who do not have a ticket. Unfortunately, there are many who latch on in Italy.

On the bus without a ticket
On the bus without a ticket – Motori.News

Especially today with the expensive gasoline and probably also in the next few months it will be like this, everyone they prefer to use public transport to move from one part of the city to another or from country to country.

Few are left who choose to use the car because the common goal is to save money. The more you save, the better you feel.

Controller on the bus, that’s his role

There are several doubts about the figure of the controller. It is good to know that he absolutely cannot raise fines out of context, so for example to motorists. The role of controller has to do exclusively with a means of public transport.

If this were to exercise his profession in the middle of the street, then it would be an abuse to be reported.

The clarifications arrived from the court of cassation

The Court of Cassation has clarified what the powers of the controller are and how far this figure can go since it is a public official to all intents and purposes, but with limits.

On the bus the conductor has duties, which aim to enforce the law. Just as citizens have rights. The passengers both those who always take public mediai, that those who never do it must know both their rights and their duties, as well as the duties of the controller in order not to find themselves in difficult or uncomfortable situations.

This is what a train has in common with the bus. In both, you only go up if you are in possession of the ticket. If you are without it, two things can happen. If you are lucky you can escape the danger. If you are not, even if you get off at one or two detachment stops, you risk that suddenly the conductor gets on and here is the sanction.

In fact, the controller can make a fine at any time if there are the extremes and he is in duty to ask the details that the passenger is required to provide. If the passenger decides not to do so, then it would be called a major offense. In this case you risk imprisonment, because the controller on the bus it is to all intents and purposes an authority and it is therefore in duty to exercise its functions that the common citizen must respect. It is a crime to deny one’s own documents, just as it is a crime to supply inaccurate data, fruit of the imagination.

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