Windows behind that always remain half open: the reason is absurd

You have surely wondered at least once in your life why the rear windows do not go down completely. In this article we will shed some light on this ‘weirdness’ of our cars. Here’s in detail what you need to know about this very particular aspect!

rear windows do not come down
rear windows do not come down- Motori.News

Each 5-door car has two front windows and two rear windows. We are all aware of this obvious thing, but perhaps few people know the real reason for a specific difference between the two windows. Why do the rear ones do not go down completely, but stop their run at some point?

Surely you have noticed this difference between the two windows. Who is seated in front – regardless of whether at the command of the car or on the right side of the passenger – will be able to roll down the window until the end. On the other hand, those who sit in the back will not have this ‘privilege’!

A detail that we all came across sooner or later! But this is not simply something that refers to a purely aesthetic aspect. Behind this ‘choice’ of car manufacturers there is a technical and structural aspect quite important!

Are you aware of it? Let’s find out the truth about this structural difference between the front and rear windows! You will finally shed some light on this ‘mystery’!

Rear windows blocked? That’s why they can’t go down completely!

Before discovering the technical and structural reason for this block, let’s highlight an aspect strictly related to safety. According to some theories of car manufacturers, a rear window that is not completely lowered is synonymous with greater safety for children. They cannot look out completely, in order to minimize any problems for the parents! But what structural reason is behind this rear window block?

Rear window
Rear window – Engines.News

The theory just enunciated has always been expressed in an unofficial and never official way, but it could easily make sense. But the official version concerning the rear window unable to go down completely refers to a real structural limit. Which?

Rear windows
The rear windows can NEVER go down completely: this is the real reason – Motori.News

As everyone can see, the front of the car is linear. On the other hand, the rear one is not entirely flat. This varies by car model and car manufacturer, but – in principle – the rear of each car will be less linear than the front. And this is also reflected in the windows!

Indeed, the front windows will not have structural problems, since the wheel arch is located in the nose of the car. They will then be able to descend completely having no obstacles in their path. Instead, the rear windows are unable to do this due to a specific structural aspect of the car.

The rear part, as mentioned, is not linear but arch-shaped and the wheel arch is placed under it. If you go down completely, the windows would risk damaging the wheel arch and compromising the functioning of this important part of your car. The block, therefore, allows the two elements to NEVER come into contact! Were you aware of this?

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