Porsche Seven Seat Electric SUV Renderings Predict the Appearance of a Bigger Model

In July 2022, then Porsche CEO Oliver Blume announced that the brand was working on a second electric SUV besides the upcoming Macan EV. Available info suggests that it could be the company’s first vehicle available with three rows of seats to fit up to seven passengers. This is what the model looks like.

This rendering clearly uses the Tiger and spy shots of the Macan EV as a starting point. The design includes a curved nose and a similarly curved roofline. The result is a sleek looking vehicle, regardless of its size. If you look through the window, you can see the third row seats in the back.

Porsche SUV elettrico 7 posti, il render at Motor1.com

There aren’t even any spy shots of the development of the seven-seater model, so there’s no way of knowing for sure what the cabin will look like. Inside the upcoming Macan EV, there is a digital instrument cluster with a display that includes three circular gauges. There’s a rectangular infotainment screen in the middle stack. The small display on the console is for HVAC control.

When he announced the vehicle, said Blume: “We plan to add a new luxury all-electric SUV model to our exciting portfolio.” Then, he added: “This [new model] will further expand our position in the luxury automotive segment. We are targeting the higher margin segment in particular and aim to capitalize on new sales opportunities in this way.”

The seven-seat Porsche crossover reportedly uses the Scalable System Platform, which is specifically for EVs. No powertrain specifications are available about the current model. These bases will reportedly also form the basis of the second-generation Taycan later this decade.

Porsche SUV elettrico 7 posti, il render at Motor1.com
Porsche SUV elettrico 7 posti, il render at Motor1.com

Volkswagen Group’s software development issues have allegedly forced Porsche to delay the launch of its EV, which may include a seven-seater. For example, the company postponed the electric Tiger until 2024, rather than its initial 2023 launch plan.

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