Rolls-Royce Specter Debuts As The Brand’s First Production EV With A Range Of 260-Mil

Back in July of this year, Rolls-Royce told us its first production electric vehicle was about 40 percent complete by then. The Specter as it’s officially known is now receiving its full unveiling as the luxury brand’s debut battery-powered model marking the start of an all-electric era for Rolls-Royce. The first customer deliveries are expected in the fourth quarter of next year.

Advances in EV technology have allowed the RR to adopt a zero-emissions powertrain in the Specter as there is finally a standard that “can deliver the iconic Rolls-Royce experience” and even enhance it. The company’s mission is to be fully electric by the end of the decade and believes instant torque, quiet running, and the “feel of one invisible tooth” fit perfectly into its own virtues.

With the Specter, Rolls-Royce proudly explains, the manufacturer has created an entirely new automotive segment, called the ultra-luxury electric super coupe segment. In fact, the premium electric vehicle will be positioned as the spiritual successor to the Phantom Coupe in the marque’s lineup and will effectively take on its role.

Design-wise, the Specter doesn’t look that dramatically different from other RR products, despite introducing the widest grille ever installed on a Rolls from the factory. The grille is gently lit by 22 LEDs and above it is an aerodynamically optimized Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture. Speaking of aerodynamics, the Specter is Rolls’ most aerodynamic model in history with a drag coefficient of 0.25.

Rolls-Royce Specter 2023
Rolls-Royce Specter 2023

The interior of the Specter is the most advanced cabin of any Rolls-Royce product so far. One of the highlights is the optional Starlight Doors feature, which incorporates 4,796 illuminated dots in the interior and that number does not include the headliner. Also new to the Specter are the front seats, which are inspired by British stitching.

Developed on the Architecture of Luxury platform, the Specter’s final power, range, and performance figures are still being refined, though Rolls says preliminary data shows peak outputs of 577 horsepower (430 kilowatts) and 664 pound-feet (900 Newton-meters). ) instant torque. The EPA’s estimated range is up to 260 miles (418 kilometers) on a single charge, while the projected 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometers per hour) acceleration is 4.4 seconds.

These are all impressive numbers but the Specter will not focus on performance or efficiency. Instead, it will provide the most luxurious feeling behind the wheel and the new Planar suspension definitely helps with that mission. This suspension system can separate the vehicle’s anti-roll bars allowing each wheel to work independently, providing a smoother ride and reducing high-frequency ride imperfections when road surface quality is poor.

As noted above, the Specter will start coming to customers in Q4 of 2023. The order book is now open but there’s no detailed pricing – the automaker just says the Specter will be positioned between the Cullinan and the Phantom.

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