MotoGP, the controversy: absurd in Australia, that race had to be stopped!

A serious accident marked the MotoGP weekend at Phillip Island. A risky situation, but the race was not stopped …

MotoGP, fear and controversy – MotoriNews

In a decidedly black period for engines, it does even more discuss what happened during the Australian Grand Prix. The return of MotoGP to Phillip Island ended not only with positive moments, but also with a moment frightening and certainly embarrassing for the Race Direction. A very serious accident which several times has been fatal for its dynamics, while this time it went luxury (fracture of the femur for one, an injured finger for the other). But there is a moment after the bang which should have led to an immediate stop, instead the race went on. And no one can explain one decision Like this absurd.

Navarro-Corsi, fear in Moto2

A few laps in the race were enough to complete jump all the insiders. As well as all the fans who had got up at night to follow the MotoGP appointment from the other side of the world. The race Moto2 it had begun, at the top there was already someone who was beginning to emerge, but we must look a little further back. Jorge Navarro he suddenly crashed at turn 5 of the track Phillip Island, and so far there would be nothing striking. The problem arose why Simone Corsi he was immediately behind, so avoiding the colleague was impossible. The F2 of the Italian is literally passed over to the unfortunate Spaniard …

An episode unfortunately unavoidable in racing and that often led to a terrible ending. Not this time: Navarro moved and always remained self conscious, although very painful. But he was unable to move on his own, he needed someone to evacuate him on a stretcher. Then we know that he reported “only” the fracture of a femur, immediately operated on, so it went very well. Bad controversy they were there for the length of time the Spaniard was on the ground.

MotoGP, here we go again: where is the red flag?

MotoGP, isn’t that risky enough? – MotoriNews

Do you see the picture? Over two laps like this, with i racing cars of the intermediate class whizzing by at full speed, a very little distance from Navarro to the ground and by the commissioners to his rescue. A circumstance that, at least in theory in the MotoGP World Championship, provides for theimmediate stop to allow safe operations. Inexplicably, however, it did not appear no red flag, indeed, in a short time the yellow one was also removed, which invites you to slow down due to an accident. A huge risk for Navarro, for the commissioners and also for the other drivers… What was the Race Direction looking at? But it seems like one of many mysteries destined to stay unpaid.

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