€ 4000 Bonus for motorists, a gift that brings joy: you can use it right away

In Italy, the various increases due to the pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have put all Italian motorists in trouble making life very difficult.

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As we already know, in this period of October the gas and electricity bills increase by 60%, but in general all the expenses of the Italians are very expensive.

The cost of living in recent years has increased, and not a little, making it practically very difficult for Italians to make ends meet. For this reason, to avoid excessive fuel consumption and unnecessary waste, many motorists have given up on the use of the carpreferring to travel by public transport, especially in the period of the pandemic.

Aid available to motorists

One piece of news that made Italian car enthusiasts happy concerns a new bonus which will allow families in difficulty to receive up to 4,000 euros.

When you own a car, the costs are always high and practically infinite. And with inflation, unfortunately, these expenses always increase.

It is not only taxes that complicate matters, but also the price of fuel. In recent months it cost € 2 per liter and, despite the reduction in excise duties, it is still expensive. The same goes for spare parts.

The new € 4,000 bonus is in addition to the € 3,500 bonus e it can be a really strong help; the deadline for the contribution of 4,000 euros is approaching and you can apply until as of 11 November 2022 maximum. Anyone wishing to buy a new car can apply.

This is one element that can be combined with all the other bonuses proposed by the government. For example, the government is offering 7,500 euros to Italian families to finance the scrapping of polluting vehicles for the purchase of an electric car.

However, if the customer buys only a low-emission vehicle instead of an electric vehicle, the bonus will gradually decrease.

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Cumulative money

However, an Italian municipality offers an additional bonus of 4,000 euros for the replacement of an old polluting car with an ecological one. In fact, i municipalities of Terni and Narni are putting this 4000 € bonus into play. This means that € 4,000 is available for the purchase of an electric car and € 3,000 for the purchase of a hybrid car.

To benefit from this bonus, it is necessary to book online starting from 14 October, with expiration on 11 November 2022.

The main feature of this bonus is that it offers very strong savings for drivers, offering 3,000 or 4,000 euros in addition to the state bonus. In addition to this bonus, the Retrofit bonus 3,500 euros for the replacement of an old polluting engine with a new electric vehicle.

With this Bonus it is also hoped for an increase in sales of ecological cars, given that the electric car sales have fallen by 29% compared to July 2021, while car sales hybrid plug-in fell 20%.

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