never seen anything like it

In this place it was possible to refuel by paying only € 1.40 for 100 liters, which is why the service stations suddenly went haywire in a few minutes.

Petrol at a very low cost
100 liters of petrol for € 1.40 – Motori.News

Many motorists took advantage of it and managed to fill up at bargain prices.

This is the dream common to all Italians, which in this moment si find themselves having to face a moment of pure economic difficultysince filling up means having to pay incredibly high amounts, perhaps even more than what you pay to do the shopping.

The difference in petrol and diesel costs between Italy and Finland

In Italy, petrol and diesel have reached almost € 2 per liter and now due to the stop to the cut in excise duties, they will most likely also exceed € 2. There are petrol stations where it was possible to get petrol for just € 1.40 and there are three in particular that are located in Turku, they are part of the ABC chain.

Unfortunately, this was a mistake as a result of which unleaded petrol was sold for 0.014. The mistake did not go unnoticed, on the contrary, it caused very long queues to form in very few. A 27-year-old Finn has managed to fill up his BMW 7 Seriesby filling the trunk with 200-liter cans and ultimately paying only € 2.

Then there were also those who decided to try everything out, using their own pick up with a tank filled to the brim. In the end, the expense of the lucky consumer was only € 14 per 1000 liters of petrol which, considering the normal cost, should have generated an expense of 1,900 euros.

What will happen to the lucky consumers now

When the ABC company realized the terrible mistake, it immediately ran for cover, explaining that it was all the fault of both human and technology errors, and that no checks of any kind would be carried out. So whoever managed to get the gasoline below cost, takes into account having received a gift in the hope that such errors will still occur.

Something similar happened in Italy, a malfunctioning petrol pump sold the petrol for free for a damage of 20,000 euros to be paid by the owner. Investigations were then launched to find one by one all those who managed to take gasoline without even paying. In the coming weeks, everyone will have to compensate the owner of the supply.

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