MotoGP: Marc Marquez but what are you doing? Incredible, look what he did in Australia!

Encouraging signs of an increasingly concrete return of Marc Marquez. Not just timing, take a look.

Marc Marquez tightrope walker – MotoriNews

It is the first GP in Australia for everyone in MotoGP. Included Marc Marquez, which continues its recovery process and is now becoming the protagonist again. However, we do not speak only in timed times. The multi-champion from Cervera has surprised everyone in the past with maneuvers to the limit And impressive bailouts, also for this reason entering the hearts of fans and non-fans. Here, Marquez is revising himself even with these little spells, a new example was in the qualifying on Saturday. Replicating what we saw in the last GP held in 2019 …

Marc Marquez is really coming back

The Honda rider is still in the long phase of recovery after the last delicate intervention. From a few GPs he has started competing again, and with excellent results. In three rounds Marc Marquez closed twice close to the podium! But for the return to Phillip Island you have decided to exaggerate, to do jump the spectators.

Own Marc Marquez makes fun of himself once the moment has passed. It must not have been pleasant for the Honda garage … The audience in the stands, however, gave him a later one applause, as it happened before the accident and all its consequences. The last two years of Calvary they are slowly dissolving, Marquez is revising himself, to give his own once again numbers from tightrope walker. Again without exaggerating, the # 93 he doesn’t want to go back and screw it up.

Ready to attack

Sure he had some help in the wake. Marc Marquez thanked Pecco Bagnaia for this, but it does not seem to be only the result of this maneuver. Second place is another important twist, the result of continuous growth of the flagship of the house Honda. Signs that the Japanese house welcomes with great relief, since he is the only one who keeps his fortunes standing. Second place on the grid was something that, without him, had never been seen … Marc Marquez is returning and here are the first signs of awakening. Though This Honda 2022 confuses me, as # 93 himself stated on the Thursday before the start of the GP. A way of saying that you have to work to fix the RC213V as he wants. But a front row finish on a complicated track like Phillip Island is something he already has to do tremble also the entire MotoGP grid for 2023 …

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