Roadblocks, thorough checks on car tires: they take away all your money

The checkpoints, in any city or town of Italy, are always many at any time of day or night.

Roadblocks for tire fines – Motori.News

Agents need to keep traffic under control, at various times of the day, with the aim of verifying that the cars in circulation comply with the law and all regulations, so as not to put their own life and that of others at risk.

If during a check to the roadblock something should be out of place, you would risk a lot. This is also simply due to tires that are not fully compliant.

It may seem trivial or at least of little importance, in reality tires are essential, because they allow you to travel safely. Among other things, we often forget it but they are the only common point between the car and the asphalt. The stability and safety of the vehicle depend precisely on the car tires.

That’s why you must always travel safely

Traveling with the right equipment is essential both for safety reasons and to receive fines or to run the risk of the withdrawal of the license. To check if your car tires are in order and possibly make them suitableyou have to check many parameters or the same ones that control the police at checkpoints.

In particular, the tread depth is checked, which must be at least 1.6m, if it is less and therefore the tread is worn, then the car does not guarantee good stability while driving, so you have to run for cover. On the other hand, as regards the size of the tires, this must conform to the car model not a mm more and not a mm less.

To find out which is the correct one, just take the car registration document and read which size is indicated. If the size of your car tires is wrong you risk skidding and putting other motorists at risk.

Winter or summer tires, that’s why it is important to change them

Then the tires must be in accordance with the law also based on the period in which you are. For example, there are winter and summer tires, which vyear replaced according to the seasons.

In the event of tire instability there is a risk of causing accidents, if major damage occurs not only to cars but also to people, with the intervention of the police you risk a very high fine and the withdrawal of the license is unknown. how many days or weeks. That is why it is highly recommended that you check your cars and tires before leaving the house, even to stay inside the city.

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