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Car tires are essential for the stability of the vehicle. Sometimes we forget that these are the only point of contact of the vehicle with the road and that for this reason they should be treated and checked, always. This is why a quick check should always be carried out before leaving for a trip or simply before moving to the city.

Autumn tires
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This, to be sure the pressure and condition of the tread, are perfect, both for your own safety and for the safety of other users.

Obviously, also to avoid receive large fines if, during a checkpoint, the officers should find inaccuracies.

Car tires must be replaced starting from 15 October in some regions of Italy

You need to know that starting from Saturday 15 Octoberthe obligation to replace summer tires returns with winter tires. Alternatively, you can also choose to keep snow chains in the trunk, which must be mounted in case of sudden snowfall.

The change of car tires it is mandatory starting from October 15th for some reasons regions of Italy and from 15 November throughout Italy, because you must always be ready for anything. As out of place as it may seem, this is a deadline that benefits your own safety and that of others. That is why it is essential to comply with the prescription that will remain in force until April 15.

This is why tires must be replaced throughout Italy in summer and winter

Assogomma, the National Association of Rubber Goods Manufacturing Companies, declares that it is important to keep in mind that in all Italian regions, even where in summer the temperatures remain very high for months, and where in winter the temperature is mild and snowfalls are absent, there may be some dangerous road sections, where maybe ice is formed or where snowfalls can occur, albeit light. In these cases, you must be equipped with all-season or winter tires to travel safely. If you don’t have the right tires, you risk causing accidents or failing to proceed.

It is emphasized that it is not only important that the car is fitted with winter or four-season tires, but that these have a size that corresponds to that indicated in the vehicle’s registration certificate. For this reason, it is important to read the leaflet before making mistakes. Then, starting from April 15th with tolerance until May 15th, these tires they must be replaced with summer tiresotherwise there is a risk of an infringement. The fine ranges from € 87 to € 344.

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