Almost everyone gets this famous warning sign wrong while driving

Those who have to get a license know what we are talking about. There are many warning signs that are sometimes difficult to recognize. The quizzes are also full of pitfalls that are not difficult to fall into. That’s why you have to be careful before answering.

danger sign
warning sign –

In particular, there is a warning sign that almost all those who take the exam to get the license, whatever it is, are wrong.

This is the danger sign, which announces the end of a road on a pier, on the bank of a river, on a port quay, on a canal.

Falling warning sign, that’s what it really means

In general, the danger sign indicates the danger of vehicles, whatever they are, falling into the water. Precisely it is emphasized that the signal refers to all means whether they are cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles that on that road must necessarily proceed with caution to avoid falling into the water without even noticing.

There road could be dangerous, narrow, so it could also be difficult to reverse to go back. When you see this sign, especially at night when visibility is limited for obvious reasons, it is advisable to go back and still be extremely cautious.


That is why the signal is misleading

Those who make a mistake, during the license exam, make a mistake because they think that this danger sign announces the exit to a bridge or that refers to cars and no other means. Obviously the image is only indicative.

This warning sign is not the only one, and not the only one, to be confused and mislead young people and beyond. It is in fact followed by what indicates the presence of a gutter or a bump, of a particularly deformed road, of a double curve to the right or to the left, of a dangerous curve.

Then there is the warning sign of distance panels, the one that indicates the pedestrian or tramway crossing, the dangerous descents with a gradient of 10% or more. This is followed by the signal of danger of falling rocks, the warning of a vertical or horizontal traffic light.

All these signals are thought out and present on all Italian roads and highways, to ensure the safety of motorists and make sure that anyone who travels them is particularly careful and prudent in any situation. Road signs must always be respected, to avoid accidents, but also because in the event of accidents you risk taking high penalties as well as the deduction of points from your driving license.

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