Ford Bronco Driver Arrested For Doing Donuts On Padres Ball Field


America was built for cars. Roads criss-cross the country, and there is plenty of open land left for those who want to enjoy off-road fun. There’s a dedicated space for rock crawling, drag racing, and other vehicle antics, so there’s no reason to intentionally damage other people’s property. But that’s exactly what one of the joyriders of the Ford Bronco in San Diego did as he drove to the Padres ballpark.

The video of the incident was shared with San Diego Union-Tribune shows a new Ford driving across a dirt-covered field, leaving dark ruts on the ground. According to the publication, the incident occurred just before 10 a.m. on Friday when the driver entered the ballpark through a tunnel.

The on-site field crew, who were preparing the park for the possible upcoming baseball season, quickly blocked the tunnel with a forklift, cutting off the Bronco’s only exit. The video shows the field crew “capturing” the driver, ending his journey. The confrontation between the driver and the field crew didn’t appear aggressive in the video, with the crew seated the man on the ground next to the Bronco as security arrived.

San Diego Union-Tribune did not get much information from the San Diego police about the incident. However, police confirmed that the incident occurred and officers arrested the man for the crime of vandalism, which can carry heavy fines and even prison terms. Police did not release the driver’s name.

It’s not at all clear what the driver was thinking while driving to the ball field, but we know there are plenty of other places he can go if we want to get the Bronco tires dirty. The few minutes of off-road excitement a driver experiences is likely to cause years of legal headaches. Let this be a lesson – keep vehicles fun where it is legal to own them.


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