Ferrari Purosangue SUV Spied Covered In Blue Tape and Camo


The Ferrari Purosangue SUV is almost here and based on this latest video Ferrari is nearing the end of development. In this latest spy video, we see testing a Ferrari Purosangue prototype on the streets near the Maranello Ferrari factory, which is pretty normal for spotting a Ferrari prototype. A little interesting about the unique camo approach used by Ferrari. In addition to the black cloth wrap, Ferrari has chosen to cover the car with a blue ribbon. For anyone who has recently painted, a project covered in blue ribbon is a universal sign of work in progress and we appreciate Ferrari telling us the status of the Purosangue.

The Ferrari Purosangue spied on during testing in the video is perhaps the oddest setup. Ferrari is clearly trying hard to hide what’s under the camo which means its new SUV is almost done. That’s good news because the Ferrari Purosangue was supposed to debut later this year. This could be one of the last times in history that the Ferrari Purosangue was driven with blue tape covering the wheels and holding the black camo wrap that made this a historic moment for super SUVs around the world.

Speaking of other super SUVs, they better be careful as the Ferrari Purosangue promises to be the most capable on-track SUV ever built. According to rumors, the Purosangue will most likely come in a V12 and V8 to suit different customer budgets. The Ferrari Purosangue will also be significantly lower than its competitors and based on spy photos looks more like a raised wagon than a traditional SUV. That means a lower center of gravity and better aero which translates into improved performance.

We can’t wait until Ferrari removes the blue band and camo from its new SUV. It’s a bit odd for Ferrari to build an SUV, but the Ferrari Purosangue won’t be like any other SUV before it.


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