Miguel Oliveira wizard of rain, the prophetic message of KTM

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Miguel Oliveira perfect in Buriram, in line with the KTM prophecy. But a bitter triumph, given the separation at the end of the year …

KTM and that message for Oliveira – MotoriNews

We have a new rain lord in MotoGP. Little visibility, lots of water on the track, the worst conditions of the weekend? No problem if your name is Miguel Oliveira and drive one KTM. The Thailand GP complex told us just that, as well as showing us a sort of replica of the second round of the season in Indonesia. The flood arrived before the race, a situation capable of bringing out the only Portuguese present in the World Cup. A bitter victorygiven that at the end of the year this pair will separate … Curiously, a success that came after a prophetic messagepublished well before the start of the race.

KTM, crystal ball

It cannot really be said that there was no shortage of surprises in Thailand. After two days of clear sky and totally dry track, that’s it rain he decided to screw up all the plans on race day. The situation worsened dramatically once the race was over Moto3 and just before the race Moto2. The boys in the middle class left the same, but it was a ‘business reach halfway through GP… The deluge has not stopped, the start of the MotoGP so it has long been postponed. By this time, however, KTM had already scrutinized his crystal ball and launched his prediction.

“Wet Thai GP potential coming soon”attached the photo of Miguel Oliveira. The image dates back to none other than the Grand Prix in Indonesia. Second round of 2022, a very strong downpour and MotoGP riders in action in the waters of the Mandalika track. Conditions in which the Portuguese emerges, which gives a KTM the first win of the season. The Mattinghofen brand was therefore ready for a replica, and Miguel Oliveira respected it perfectly prophecy.

A bitter victory

We are almost at the end, it’s time to take stock and unfortunately KTM doesn’t have much to smile about. So many difficulty, pilots who try to work overtime, but often without success. And three out of four boys will leave the Austrian home at the end of the championship, including Miguel Oliveira. It did not shineindeed he often closed behind a more constant Brad Binder, but he himself led the only two victories of the year in Mattinghofen! Thus saving a meager seasonal budget, mitigated only by the podiums of the South African colleague. A sunday exhilarating for the KTM troop, which kicked off a wild party at Buriram. But in fact, next year the two sides will take different ways… Are we sure they won’t regret it?

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