What is that colored line around the car’s gaskets for?

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Have you ever noticed that some cars have a colored line around the seals? Let’s see together what it is for.

The gasket makes closing doors quieter and reduces wind noise inside the car. But as your car ages, the seals can harden, crack or split, which means water can get inside.

It may not be immediately apparent that the door seal is failing. In the dry summer months, you may simply notice an increase in wind noise as you drive along the highway or a slight presence of air coming in. It is when it rains that you will really notice that water may run inside the door or you may find that the carpet is wet.

It can cause a real problem when the temperature drops below the freezing point. Water trapped in the seals can freeze and prevent you from opening doors or, if you open the door, ice can prevent it from closing properly.

What are the seals around the door?

Your car’s weather protection is the rubber material around the edges of doors and windows. Its purpose is to create a seal so that water, noise and other debris don’t get inside your car. If your car’s gasket is damaged, you may notice some signs that it needs to be replaced. Without this seal, dirt, mud, water and other things can get into your car. This alone can cause a number of problems like mold or rust inside your car.

Like other parts of your car, you need to take care of your car’s weather to make sure it does the job it’s intended for. To take care of your car’s weather seals, we recommend that you ask a mechanic to take a look at your weather seals whenever you receive your regular maintenance services.

Door seal
Door seal – Motori.news

Signs needed to replace your car’s weather seals

Loud noise from the street
While driving, you may be used to hearing some road noise. However, if the noise suddenly gets louder, this could be a sign that there is damage to your car’s gaskets. To eliminate noise and ensure your car interior stays safe from changing weather conditions, you will need to replace your car’s seals as soon as possible.

This is probably the most common sign of a damaged seal. If you’ve ever driven in the rain, you know that water shouldn’t get into your car. If the seals are damaged, water may start leaking into the car. This can cause a lot of problems in the future if you wait too long to fix it. If puddles start forming inside your car, mold can form and cause many health problems for you and your passengers. Not to mention, your car will most likely start to smell bad if you don’t replace the gaskets in a timely manner.

The car does not retain heat
Another common story we hear often is this: “I got into my car and it was cold, so I turned on the heat. Once I reached a comfortable temperature, I turned down the heat and then a few minutes later my car froze again ”.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, there is most likely a problem with your gasket.

Your car is 25 years old and still has the original gasket
We recommend that you replace your gasket once your machine is 25 years old because the chances of developing problems as it ages increases significantly.

Replacement of the movable door weather protection

Wind noise in a car can be very annoying. But there are many methods you can use to reduce it or eliminate it altogether. Regardless of your budget, level of knowledge or how much time you have available, a replacement of the door seal is the solution, obviously in this case you will have to look for seals suitable for your car, on the market they sell all kinds.

The ones we have shown in the photo above are the best, they can be found for sale online or on amazon and the colored line is a very important indicator; in fact if it is colored it means that the gasket is still “new” and can be used for a long time, if instead the colored line is very faded it means that it is time to change it.

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