Electric bicycle, is it true that it attracts lightning? Finally the truth

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After the unfortunate death of Alberto Barocco, a real case was created around the use of the electric bicycle.

Electric bike
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In fact, many argue that the latter are really able to attract lightning strikes on them. Speaking of Baroque, in fact, he and a friend of his were on excursions with their mountain bikes when they were caught in a violent storm.

Two men lost their lives to lightning while riding an electric bicycle

While they sought shelter in that of Val Chisonein the Western Piedmont, lightning struck them, most likely killing them instantly. We know, in fact, how very dangerous it is to stay outdoors during a shower of lightning and that it will always be better to find shelter in these cases.

As mentioned, however, many also blame this accident on electric bicycles which would have attracted lightning towards the couple of friends. Unfortunately, however, the latter are not the only ones who died in these bizarre circumstances.

electric bike
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To date, in fact, it is estimated that the deaths after being struck by lightning have been at least six thousand. These worrying numbers, however, were influenced by a good dose of bad luck.

In fact, there are many more people struck by lightning in the world, and we often survive without too much difficulty. According to the data collected by American Center for Disease Control and PreventionThus, the vast majority of these deaths came while the victims were engaged in outdoor recreational activities such as fishing or simple sport.

Many blamed the accident on e-bikes

But what is it that attracts lightning? These they are mostly attracted to objects at a high height such as trees, light poles and so on. Consequently, being in the mountains at a certain altitude or in the middle of a forest full of trees will certainly be more risky since the shock could reach the ground.

The lightning that killed the two boys, in fact, was well above the vegetation. This detail, therefore, contributed to giving life to an authentic tragedy.

electric bicycle
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Turning to the electric bicycle, as confirmed by many experts, the latter has no connection with lightning. Even the presence of electronic material or a carbon frame will not transform our e-bike into a lightning rod.

The metal with which the bicycles are made, in fact, does not attract lightning but leads them, making the episode of the Piedmontese only an unfortunate event.

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