2023 Toyota Corolla Launched In Japan With Bigger Screen, Hybrid Upgrade

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Notice anything different about this Corolla? No, we’re not talking about the quietly modified headlights and grille introduced today in Japan. The compact car eschews Toyota’s front badge to make room for a large “C”. JDM models have had it for quite some time and the 2023MY sticks to the badge the model ordered. The tailgate retains the company logo, with the front and rear featuring blue accents denoting the electrified powertrain.

The twelfth generation has been around since 2018 and Toyota is giving it a bite and a slip in its domestic market. Without going into specifics, we’re told that the 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain has an upgraded electric motor, while the 1.5- and 2.0-liter petrol models have revised engines resulting in better fuel economy. In addition, there is a new body color option while some exterior details have been updated.

Customers in Japan can upgrade from an eight-inch touchscreen to the new 10.5-inch infotainment featuring wireless Apple CarPlay. For an additional fee, Wi-Fi connectivity is available while some trim levels get standard front and rear parking sensors. An additional range of safety kits is offered with the model year changes, adding Proactive Driving Assist which helps drivers avoid getting too close to pedestrians, bicycles and parked vehicles by steering and braking automatically.

The Corolla 2023 in the Land of the Rising Sun features support for over-the-air updates meant to improve safety features even after purchasing the vehicle. By the way, the pre-collision safety system can now detect oncoming vehicles when turning right at intersections and pedestrians crossing the road when turning right or left.

The price of the Corolla sedan starts at 1,990,000 yen and goes up to 2,998,000 yen ($13,700 to $20,700). The wagon known as the Touring sells from 2,070,000 yen to 3,048,000 yen ($14,200 to $21,000) while the hatchback sold as the Sport can be obtained from 2,200,000 yen to 2,890,000 yen ($15,100 to $20,000) depending on specifications.

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