Nissan Xterra Pop-Top Camper Conversion Ready To Explore America

Before the Nissan Terra, which was sold in various parts of the world, there was the Xterra. A powerful SUV based on Nissan’s F-Alpha platform was sold in the US until 2015 when it was discontinued due to poor sales.

One of the Xterras sold in 2009 has been turned into a fine motor home, thanks to the couple who go by the name MoLeisureXventures. This is no ordinary conversion – it is a DIY conversion into a pop-top camper. More importantly, Xterra’s converted pop-top camper will be on a mission: exploring America from Alaska to Argentina.

Enoch explains the conversion in the video embedded at the top of this page. The most interesting addition to the rig is the pop-top awning, which is welded to the body. He also had to cut the roof, which placed the entrance to the roof tent inside the cabin. Even the seats in the modified cabin are DIY, made of tweed fabric.

In-vehicle amenities include an induction oven, sink, multiple storage points and an upstairs sleeping area. It can go off the grid as well, with the solar panels mounted on the roof of the tent. The rig is 95 percent complete, according to Enoch.

On the outside, the Xterra convertible is as rugged as an off-road adventure. It has an upgraded suspension, thanks to Kony Raid 90 shocks. It also features aluminum skid plates and an airflow snorkel for desert running.

MoLeisureXventures has been living outdoors for two years now, with the goal of visiting all 63 US National Parks. After completing the mission – the only ones remaining in Hawaii, American Samoa, and Alaska – the pair will proceed to traverse the PanAmerican Highway from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the tip of Argentina. They plan to complete the expedition within a year to further explore and immerse themselves with the culture along the way.

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