Interior handle, why is it not only on the driver’s side? The answer will leave you speechless

The question that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our life is the following: why is the car handle not present on the driver’s side?

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The inside handle is always present on the passenger side, both in front and behind but not on the driver’s side, yet it is comfortable. Why not give this convenience to everyone, even those who are driving?

It comes naturally to think it is an economic issue, in reality it is not because car manufacturers need to Save Money where possible.

Some plausible explanations that we can give following logic

Let’s start from the fact that the car handles are even used to hang clothes, which obviously cannot be hanging from the driver’s sidebecause they would hinder the movements, endangering everyone.

Another way the handle is usually used is to hold it while in motion, especially when there are curves or when at high speed. It is a way to feel more confident. And even in this case, those who drive, especially if they have a heavy foot, he cannot lead with one hand and hold with the other. The steering wheel, as taught in driving school, must be held with two hands. And even if this were not the case, one would not even think of driving at high speeds, with one hand. These are not truths, but explanations that one tries to give following logic.

The real reason why the handle is not present on the driver’s side

The mystery can be solved simply by thinking about how to get in the car. Those who are young do not have any problems in doing so. The elderly, or those who are sick, they can’t do the classic movement, first entering one foot, then moving to the seat and finally entering the other foot. That would be easy for everyone.

For them it is much more tiring, that’s why there is the handle, serves as a foothold. However, it is not only young people who drive, it is also those who are not in excellent health or the elderly who have their ailments. So if the handle was designed to help them, why don’t they have it available on the driver’s side? Because for those who are driving, there is the steering wheel, which was not designed for this, but which is still useful. That’s enough put your hand on the wheel and there is no problem. Placing the handle over the driver’s side door would automatically lead the driver to use it while driving. This would certainly create dangerous situations. That’s why no car manufacturer has ever thought about changing things. Safety comes first.

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