Skoda Vision 7S Shows Bold Design In First Exterior Sketch

Skoda is one of the most practical and affordable automotive brands in Europe and the company has a history of creating extensive vehicles with intelligent features. The company’s new concept vehicle, the Vision 7S, will not shy away from this trend and will offer a comfortable and practical cabin, clad in a boxy-looking body. The first exterior sketches of the study show a bold new design language, exemplified by a large SUV that doesn’t look like Skoda’s current SUV lineup.

The highlight of this new design is a completely revised front fascia. There is a wide and flat grille that is fully covered. It is flanked by headlights positioned far to the edge of the vehicle and arranged in two rows, one above the other. Combined with the daytime running lights above, the cluster forms a T-shaped headlight marking on the front.

Another new design touch comes in the form of seven vertical blades positioned inside the bumper. The center one has a contrasting orange accent, while the rest is underlined by an aluminum protective panel that integrates with the bottom apron. A very similar setup is also seen at the rear, where the taillights also form a T-shaped headlight marking along with the daytime running lights.

In the previous teaser image, Skoda also unveiled the interior of the Vision 7S. The cabin features a seven-seat layout with an attractive 2+2+2 layout where the child seat is integrated into the full length center console between the first and second row seats. Showcar also introduced a vertically mounted infotainment display for the first time in a product from the Mladá Boleslav brand.

Going back to the exterior, the new design language is called “Modern Solid” and it makes sense to see its first application on production models with the next generation Superb. Skoda’s flagship vehicle will receive a full generational makeover sometime next year but well before that, on August 30 this year, the company will unveil the Vision 7S in full.

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