Chevy Corvette Electric Sedan Coming 2025, Corvette SUV Following: Report


As the auto industry transitions to battery-powered personal mobility, at least some of the legendary models will transition to zero-emissions powertrains in future generations. For America, the Dodge Challenger and Charger are likely two of the most iconic models expected to be fully electric and it seems that even the Chevrolet Corvette will not escape the inevitable electrification. The current generation C8 will get a hybrid version but its successor will most likely switch to a battery-powered powertrain.

But this isn’t even the most exciting part of Chevy’s electrification strategy, if we believe new reports. There are many rumors circulating on the web and we touch each topic very carefully Muscle Cars and Trucks General Motors reports it is working on an electric performance sedan, which should receive the Corvette badge. Expected to arrive in Chevy showrooms by the middle of the decade, the zero-emissions sedan is expected to launch as a direct competitor to the Porsche Taycan and elevate the brand into new territory.

Perhaps taking inspiration from Ford and the Mustang-branded electric SUV it currently sells, Chevrolet also has plans for an electric utility with the Corvette badge. Details surrounding it are scarce, though it will likely be unveiled after the market release of the Corvette electric sedan. MC&T speculated it could be based on the platform of Cadillac’s flagship electric sedan Celestiq.

Of course this has swallowed up a lot of Chevy lovers and purists and we are also trying to process and distribute all the information that has been available so far. Our sources claim the expansion of Corvette into a subbrand will take a lot of time and there is still no official word from the automaker. We’ve reached out to Chevrolet with questions regarding future strategy, but we haven’t heard back from the company.

As a final note, MC&T’s reports there will be no electric Corvette based on the C8 platform. Instead, a ‘Vette hybrid is currently under development, known as the Corvette E-Ray and is expected to debut soon with two electric motors and AWD capability. Recently, a prototype electric sports car was photographed showing its interior design.


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