Buy A New Corvette Z06, Keep It For At Least 12 Months, Get A $5,000 Bonus


Chevrolet will reward loyal Corvette Z06 2023 buyers by giving a big bonus in the form of reward points. In an email sent to those who have placed an order, the automaker promised to give each new Z06 owner an additional 500,000 points worth $5,000 if they keep the vehicle for at least 12 months after purchase.

“For a limited time, My Chevrolet Rewards members can earn an additional 500,000 points — a value of $5,000 — when they retain ownership of their vehicle for 12 months after purchase. Points can be redeemed at GM Financial Payments, Accessories and more,” reads the email titled “Go ahead, reward yourself”.

Bonus points can be redeemed at My Chevrolet Rewards Program and can be used for OEM parts and accessories. The move comes after rumors of a $5,000 rebate incentive that would be tied to a non-transferable warranty, but those plans appear to be changing. Reward points can also be used for OnStar and other Chevrolet-connected services.

It’s certainly a nice move from General Motors – if you’re planning to buy a 2023 Corvette Z06 and drive it for years, the $5,000 bonus points are a great reward. However, as Corvette Blogger pointed out, it’s highly unlikely that these programs will stop the fins from doing what they do with cars like the Z06. After all, they will probably make over $5,000 and that’s not even cash but reward points.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you order a new Corvette Z06 to flip it a few weeks later or want to keep the supercar in your garage for a longer time, you’ll have to pay at least $106,395 for the coupe and $113,895 for the coupe. which can be converted. Those prices are for the base 1LZ trim level on both versions, which are offered in three trim levels.

On top of the entry-level class, there’s the 2LZ with the coupe starting at $115,595 and the convertible at $122,595. The range’s top 3LZ trims start at $120,245 for the coupe and $127,245 for the convertible.


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