Off-Roading Corvair Wagon Pulls Broken Hummer H1 Through Rocky Desert


These days, attention is focused on the GMC Hummer EV and its blazing fast acceleration. However, go back a few decades, and you have the Hummer H1. It was a military machine long before it made its way into the civilian world, and is still revered as a hardcore off-roader of epic proportions. That is, unless broken.

That’s what happened to the H1 featured in the latest clip from Off Road Matt . Recovery. A Utah-based 4×4 rescue specialist got a call about a HumVee stranded in a ravine while crawling through some rocky terrain. It didn’t crash, nor did the driver attempt some sort of silly jump. The H1 is used by a local company for off-road tours, and as it creeps down a rock cliff, the driver hears a thud. Once at the bottom, the engine starts but the wheels don’t turn. Not good.

Thus, two tow vehicles were called into service. We’ve seen custom Chevrolet Corvair wagons before; it was changed some time ago into a very capable off-roader. A modified Jeep Cherokee is also available, and it takes both to get the Hummer rolling. And it’s not like the road nearby for an easy tow – the team really needed to pull the 8,100-pound H1 through various rock ledges while avoiding obstacles.

Everything was going well until the Hummer was pulled into the ledge instead of on it, knocking the passenger’s front tire off the bead. That added a few more hours to recovery, as none of the vehicles on site had jacks or air compressors.

From there, Corvair took over solo towing duties for at least some of the slow-speed rocks crawling out of the wilderness, but the biggest challenge really wasn’t the rocks. Huge dunes stood between the stricken H1 and freedom, and it was decided to load the Hummer onto the trailer for the rest of the ride. A two-wheel-drive Dodge Ram pickup pulls the trailer, which means it’s finally there three vehicle trying to save this old H1. The mission was a success but certainly not easy.

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