Ford Bronco Sails 110 Feet On Sand Dune Jump, Drives 120 Miles Home


Phrase just send it is quickly becoming a redundant colloquialism in the automotive world. However, we dare say that this video might really be under-selling Send, at least when it comes to old school Ford Broncos, you can drive on the road. No, this off-roader is out of stock and yes, a takeaway after this jump. However, the driver admitted to being in pain afterward. In other words, don’t try this at home.

In that case, you might not want to try it on an empty dune either. That’s especially true for stock vehicles, but luckily, this fifth-generation Bronco is far from stock. Smart off-road reader known as jamlabeast on Instagram sent us the video above, showing his Bronco and the simple flight he took back in February while enjoying the desert east of Los Angeles. What simple, you ask? No measuring tape was brought, but estimates suggest he soared about 110 feet across the sand. At its peak, the Ford was roughly 18 feet in the air. So yeah, consider this Bronco well and right sent.

As mentioned, this SUV is not available. For starters, it has a full racing cage and a five-point seat belt for safety. It has a King 3.0 coilover, an improved radius arm, a Solo Motorsports 4-link kit at the rear, but of all the upgrades, we’d say the cage and harness are the most significant in this regard. The desert surface is described as about two inches of soft sand with compacted sand beneath, and it produces a particularly violent impact when the Bronco returns to earth. Given that the landing completely destroyed both front wheels, we’d say jamlabeast lucky to get away with just a few weeks of pain.

However, the wheels were technically the only thing that broke from the landing itself. The damage to the wheels can be seen in the Instagram post above; the tire went up too far and hit the ECU cables, damaging the computer and blower box for heating and air conditioning. As for the Bronco’s upgraded suspension, the radius arms bend together with bolts and mounts for front shocks. Bent, but not cracked – two spare tires replaced at the front and a spare ECU installed. The Bronco is lit, and fit enough to make the 120-mile trip back home.

jamlabeast tells us the rest of the high-flying Bronco’s damage has been fixed, except the air conditioner. He’s back on track, though we suspect future aerial adventures might be a little less extravagant. Still, he has one story to tell, and a rather dramatic video to back it up.


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