BMW Celebrates 2 Million 7 Series Produced At The Dingolfing Factory

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BMW celebrates the two millionth 7 Series model produced at the company’s Dingolfing factory in Germany. The jubilee car is a black i7 xDrive60 with a cognac-painted interior made from a vegan leather alternative. The new generation 7 Series in combustion and electric forms has been on sale since early December this year and the manufacturer is now moving forward with production and customer deliveries.

The Bavarian manufacturer has produced the 7 Series at Dingolfing since the launch of its first-generation luxury sedan in 1977. The original 7 Series launched with several revolutionary features in its segment, including standard power steering, automatic transmission with two pre-programmed driving modes, and an onboard computer. Over the next two generations, the premium sedan got items like ABS, parking sensors, navigation system, airbags and a lot more.

In preparation for starting production of the seventh-generation 7 Series, BMW has invested more than €300 million (about $318.8 million at current exchange rates) in its vehicle factory in Lower Bavaria. The automaker is revolutionizing the segment again with a process whereby vehicles drive themselves autonomously from the production line to an area where final inspection takes place. BMW is proud to say they also manufacture electric motors and high-voltage batteries for the i7 at Dingolfing.

“The BMW 7 Series is our top model,” commented Dingolfing factory manager Christoph Schroder. “In it, we combine progressive luxury and the latest technology. Unlike other models, it represents automotive innovation and now also for our electric attack on the luxury segment. What makes me really proud is that we have been producing it here since its introduction 45 years ago.”

The BMW factory in Bavaria is one of more than 30 production sites around the world that are currently assembling vehicles for global markets. It is the brand’s largest factory in Europe and is also responsible for the production of Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 8 and iX. The factory’s annual output is close to 250,000 units.