if you do this goodbye license

Carpet checks on all Italian roads in the previous weekend and in all the next ones.

license withdrawal
license withdrawal

Everyone was put under the lens motorists and motorcyclists and they will still be over the next few weeks.

All those who they are used to traveling and moving around, they must pay attention to any action when they are driving because the Traffic Police and the State Police have increased checks on Italian highways.

How many motorists do not respect the highway code

During the last weekend alone, 58 motorists were checked, 42 of these had violated the highway code, for which they were fined. 9 of these tested positive for the alcohol test while 11 were driving with a cell phone in hand, 5 without a seat belt4 instead traveled on a non-inspected vehicle.

In total, 208 points are deducted from the driving license of motorists and others. Then there were two cases of non-compliance with the control bodies, for which 12 licenses were withdrawn and 4 vehicles seized.

Most motorists and motorcyclists do not respect the highway code as regards limits, parking restrictions and the use of mobile phones when driving. These are the most committed offenses in the world.

The checks on the Italian motorways will also continue in the next few days, even more so with the arrival of the holidays during which the number of motorists on the Italian roads it will go double if not triple.

Reverse highway - Motori.News
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The highways during the holidays will be busy for this reason the checks by the police will be increased

Between Christmas and New Year many people will go on a trip out of town, others will be busy returning home, young people will be totally free from any commitment, the traffic and the festive atmosphere will question the issue of safety for which it will be the task of the police forces keep everything under control at any time of day or night.

In particular, speed checks have been increased on all Italian motorways and on all other roads deemed particularly dangerous because they are located near discos or nightclubs.

Young people, upon leaving the premises they often drive despite not being in adequate conditions and end up being the cause of sometimes even fatal accidents. The latest accidents have killed many newly licensed and non-licensed young people.

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