Telepass, Punti Blu closing: the unthinkable is happening

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Since the Telepass service was activated, Italian motorists have solved many problems. In fact, the service has made everything much simpler and more practical, to date no one could really do without it.

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Telepass, Punti Blu closing –

For years now you can aaccess the motorways without paying on the spot, simply by activating the service at the minimum cost, which gives the maximum yield.

The Telepass is essential for all those workers who are forced to travel along sections of the motorway every day and who cannot and do not want to waste a single minute more to pay at the toll booth or wait for long queues to settle.

What has happened since the activation of the Blue Dot

Since they became operational and the Blue Points, everything has been simplified because the service has become optimal and satisfactory. Those in need found a point of reference in the Punto Blu offices.

Today these offices are scattered throughout the country. Unfortunately, here comes the bad news: soon many of these will close their doors, then they will cease to operate. Autostrade per l’Italia communicated the news with great emphasis.

There are those who wonder what will change and those who already know, the main problem now will be the following: if there should be malfunctions at the barrier, everything will become much more complicated.

Telepass - Motors.News
Telepass – Motors.News

Disruptions and problems caused by the closure of the Punto Blu

For example, if the barrier doesn’t go up, if the Telepass runs out suddenly, if you need to change your license plate, not having an office nearby, you’ll have to do everything directly online.

On the one hand it could be seen as a modernity, as an avant-garde novelty, on the other, however, we know that it will not be positive at all because not everyone is able to take advantage of the technology.

The blue points are motorway management structures not belonging to Telepass, which simply relies on them to provide customers with the right assistance. Telepass clarifies that despite this, there will be the possibility of doing anything online without wasting time.

For instance you can also change the IBAN or the updating of license plate data without difficulty. Unfortunately, those who are unable to do so will probably find themselves uncomfortable and will have to travel several kilometers to solve the problem.

Most of the 56 blue points will close, apparently there will remain 15 managed by the motorway for Italy, even if for now it is not known which ones and where they will be placed. It doesn’t stay than wait for more news.