Plastic bag, why do you always have to have 1 in the car? It’s not like you’re thinking

One of the most popular ways to escape the strict control of the speed camera is the use of a plastic bag. We explain how it works.

Plastic bag in the car
Plastic bag in the car – Motori.News

Getting caught by a speed camera system speeding is a treat we’d all gladly avoid. With modern control technologies there is no escape: if our pace is higher than expected on that stretch of road, sooner or later, a nice green registered letter with our fine will be waiting for us in the mailbox.

It is clear that the first method, and the only truly legitimate one, to avoid fines of this kind is to try to respect the speed. Sometimes, of course, it’s not easy: on certain roads certain limits seem to be deliberately kept low to try to catch as many unfortunate motorists as possible.

It will also be for this sense of revenge that the most disparate theories and suggestions are spread on the net to escape the impeccable control of cameras. One of these concerns the use of a plastic bag: it is a rudimentary but effective method, at least according to those who have implemented it.

The plastic bag method: the trick used by smart people against speed cameras

How this strategy works is very simple. The people who designed this thing explain that you have to take a plastic bag, wet it with water and attach it to the license plate. In this way, even if the speed should be higher than that foreseen by law, the camera integrated in the speed camera will not be able to take the photo of the license plate which will have been skilfully covered.

Car without license plate
Cars without license plates –

Whoever devised this method explained that it can be justified by saying that, due to the pace, a bag unfortunately ended up on the bumper of the car, also covering the license plate. Bad luck, huh? Things that happen on the other hand, at least this is what one could tell a possible checkpoint.

All very nice, right? But no, why it certainly can’t be gotten off that easily. In fact, you must remember that covering the license plate is a crime punishable by law and even severely. The fine is very high: it starts from a minimum of 41 euros up to a maximum of 168 euros for illegible license plate due to dirt, but if you go around without a license plate the fine can go up to 355 euros.

Crafty covered license plate
Crafty covered license plate –

In addition to this there is the withdrawal of the license plate, the administrative detention of the vehicle for 3 months and, if a repeat offender, the administrative confiscation of the same. But be careful because the Court of Cassation also provides for the contestation of the criminal offense of “suppression, destruction or concealment of real data“.

In short, however unfair the position of that speed camera that always catches you may seem to you, it is better to lift your foot a little from the accelerator pedal.

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