School Bus Camper Is Ready For Anything With Crane And Workshop On Board

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Converting a school bus is a fairly common way for someone to build their own motor home. We’ve covered a few of them, but none of them are anything like Gordo’s wild build with cranes and a full workshop.

The Motorhome started as a 2003 Bluebird school bus, and Gordo did a lot to modify it into this rig. The most obvious change is the removal of the back to create a space that can be used as a covered porch or storeroom, depending on the preference. He could attach a crane to the roof rack back there to take down his workbench. One of them is full of welding equipment, and the other contains power tools and fasteners.

Creating the aft area required relocating the fuel tanks closer to the front of the bus. He added a second tank as well. In addition to the engine, they run generators and heaters. The battery took its former place for the door. For more power, solar cells are on the roof.

Inside, Gordo’s rig looks like a sci-fi movie. The cockpit has multiple controls for various electrical systems and generators. He has a separate laptop just to debug this system.

There’s no kitchen yet, but Gordo plans to add a sink in the future. He already has a lot of storage all over the bus. There are lots of little cupboards and cloth walls that hold all sorts of other accouterments. At the back, there is a raised bed with drawers underneath.

Above, the bus has a full-sized roof rack. Gordo could use the space to haul long pieces of wood or steel. He also has a bicycle there.

For a skilled builder like Gordo, school bus conversions offer many advantages. You can buy a base vehicle for a lot less than a pre-built RV. Then, there is the opportunity to adapt the machine to one’s personal needs. Many people wouldn’t have a goal for a cargo bed carrying welding equipment, but this was just what Gordo needed.