save a lot of money at the end of the month

All motorists in the world especially in this period, due to the crisis and the increase in petrol and diesel costs, are wondering what is the most effective and efficient way to save as much money as possible, using the car and its performance at most.

What speed to go
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The key to all of this it is eco-friendly and intelligent driving which not only allows you to save money, but also improves your own safety and that of the vehicle itself.

As strange as it may seem, proceed at a certain speed rather than to another, it can make a difference. Obviously, these are not big savings, but small amounts that can give great satisfaction.

How best to drive to get the most out of the vehicle’s performance without consuming too much petrol

In terms of aerodynamics and performance, the maximum can be obtained at high speed, if however we have to talk about ecological driving, safety, fuel saving and imposed on gas emissions, the answer changes.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the secret is to keep the speed constant, therefore driving at 80 km per hour without exceeding 90 km per hour. In this way the motor runs maintaining a correct speed, which he does not consume more than he should and does not put him at particular risk.

By following these rhythms, you can try to save at least €120 a year if not more. In the city, the speed to maintain is the cruising speed, which limits the acceleration and braking process. As a result, less fuel is consumed, the brakes wear out much less.

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How to travel on the motorway saving 20% ​​on petrol

If you frequently travel on the motorway, you need to activate intelligent driving, so drive at least a 10 km per hour below the maximum speed permitted and established by the highway code.

So if you drive at 120 km per hour rather than 130, you save 20% on fuel and, among other things, you save a liter of petrol for every 100 km travelled. So the secret is not only to keep the speed constant, but under the established limit.

If the car has cruise control, it is recommended to use it to drive in peace. Then obviously the guide must be set according to the conditions of the road surface, if it is a steep slope, to avoid stalls, in order not to risk damaging the car or endangering one’s life or that of others, it is advisable to downshift when the time is right and not at the last minute or before due.

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