MotoGP: Rins, Nakagami, Savadori and the others, revisions and coupons for the 2023 season

There are those who have to sort out the “motorcyclist problem”, those who have routine interventions… The MotoGP riders get a new look.

MotoGP paused, it’s time for revisions – MotoriNews

The World Championship is now behind us, the tests as well, we have officially entered the long winter break. A moment to relax, to recharge the batteries after a tough MotoGP season like the one that just ended. And the next one will be even worse with more GPs, but also more races for the premier category. You have to be in perfect shape for the next championship, that’s what you need to go under the knife. Nagakami, Rins, Savadori, and others, have taken steps to fix some small physical problems.

MotoGP and compartment syndrome

As many as three boys have recently undergone small ones interventions for this reason. What has now become the biker problem, given that every year several pilots remedy it. He thought about it Alex Rinswho must prepare for a tough challenge with thetough Honda after a whole career MotoGP with Suzuki, interrupted at the most beautiful… For the Spanish we speak of left arm refurbished. But he wasn’t the only one having to solve this annoying physical problem. Sean Dylan Kellythis year from MotoAmerica to debut in Moto2had to fix both arms! All is well for the smiling American driver, who will repeat himself again in the intermediate class next year. A young man is also reported in Moto3the Australian Joel Kelso, also with his first full year in the World Cup on the scoresheet. In this case the operation was al right armrecovery will begin shortly.

Irons to remove and a finger to fix

This second case sees the protagonist Takaaki Nakagami. The Japanese rider, confirmed in LCR Honda, experienced a very complicated second part of the MotoGP season. consequence ofinjury reported in bang in Aragon, which had more consequences than anyone thought. Nakagami gritted his teeth in Japan, but paid dearly afterwards. Well three interventions in total to fix i torn tendons or injured right little finger! If nothing else has a long period to recover… Per Lorenzo Savadori instead, test rider and Aprilia MotoGP wild card, it was about remove the irons shoulder and ankle after the two important accidents of 2021. The same goes for Daniel HolgadoMoto3 rookie still bruised by a multi-fragment fracture right leg at the beginning of the year. Plates and screws were needed, now permanently removed. Revisions And coupons in view of a new world year, with the obvious intention of doing their best. Without disturbances physical.

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