Time Lapse Video Shows An Old School Bus Turning Into A Raised Roof RV

There’s something cool about turning an old school bus into an RV. Skoolies, as they are called, have quite a following on Instagram and YouTube.

according to them Live Anywhere YouTube channel, this skoolie family sold their home in 2020 and haven’t looked back. They’ve spent the last two years converting an old 1993 Blue Bird school bus into a dream home on wheels. As a family of five, life isn’t easy to streamline from 3,400 square feet, but they say they love it so far.

Skoolie combines the charm of a tiny house with the ability to venture out in an RV. At 300 square feet, it’s slightly smaller than the average studio apartment but significantly larger than a converted van. Families seem to take advantage of the room with a simple layout. In the back is a full bathroom, storage and washing machine. The main living area is lined with a kitchen table and a pair of futons. Structurally, the big change they made was raising the roof of the school bus which made the interior feel more spacious.

The appeal of the vanlife, or living in a converted school bus, is its ability to explore. People live that life for many reasons, including a combination of the COVID pandemic, remote work, high rents, and high housing prices. There are dozens of social media accounts dedicated to documenting the good, bad and sometimes hilarious experiences of people living this nomadic life.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone. For every mountain view, scenic lake, or ocean view, there’s a Walmart park or gravel-covered RV space. The days mix with hikes, campfires, sunsets, and maintenance and repair projects. Adding children adds pluses and minuses. It is a joy to share in their natural wonders. But sometimes, you may wonder if you will make it through a drenched day with limited Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, before you jump into the lifestyle, there are ways to try it first. There are also plenty of resources to help you build your dream home on wheels or find a finished home.

As for the Life Anywhere family, you can follow their adventures on YouTube or Instagram.

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