TikTok’s trick to stop paying for parking: goodbye blue stripes

There is a method that allows you not to pay the parking ticket on the blue lines, which not everyone knows about, but which can change your life once and for all.

TikTok trick not to pay
TikTok trick not to pay – Motori.News

Only those who use social networks and in particular Tik Tok have become aware of this trick. where the video which explains how and what to do has practically depopulated.

Ever since the blue stripes made their appearance, nothing else is said because for anyone, paying for parking on the blue lines is more than imaginative and unfair. In reality, the blue lines are legal, all those who do not respect them and park without a ticket are illegal.

Motorists looking for the best way to save

To date, probably also due to the crisis, motorists would really do anything not to pay a service that should in theory be free. There are those who are content to turn and turn until they find a free parking space.

And then there are those who save fuel gives in to the blue lines but pretends to forget and does not pay the ticket. This is especially true if you need to leave your car parked for just a few minutes. In this case one has the feeling of having been robbed.

In reality there are many who park without paying in the hope of not being caught. Unfortunately this method may not work, then the consequences can be very serious.

In the event that reports should be made, or the forces of order should find themselves passing right therethe unfortunate motorist on his return would find a huge fine to pay immediately, not to find it tripled over the course of a few days.

Then there are those who pay by contenting themselves with spending a few euros more in order not to risk fines. However, it is a small slice of the population, tiny, almost non-existent.

Blue parking lines
Blue stripes – Motori.news

What is the trick that works, directly recommended by the Chinese

The trick that depopulated on Tik Tok can change the life of all of us, making all the parking spaces on the blue lines available to us for free, without having to pay a euro. It is simply di staged the car malfunction.

So you have to park the vehicle, then open the bonnet simulating repairs and that’s it. What is certain is that if you need to get away to perform some service, it cannot be done. However, if there are two of you, everything is solved easily and in savings. Just be smart and crafty and that’s it.

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