Goodbye changing tyres, if you use these you won’t have to change them anymore: you no longer throw away €1

Changing tires is one of the most annoying things for all motorists, because the cost is not low, indeed it often reaches absurd, astronomical figures that not everyone can afford to spend.

Goodbye tire change
Goodbye tire change – Motori.News

In general, the tires all cost a lot, but there are some cars that require special tyres, the cost of which is unacceptable.

Suddenly puncturing them after having recently changed them is one of the most annoying things ever. Yet it happens.

Flat tire, what to do?

There is a system that allows you to say goodbye to changing tires immediate in case of puncture and to take time to carry out the repair by paying less and saving.

Those who have known this trick for some time have probably had the opportunity to save a lot of money, those who know it now will be able to start doing it shortly.

Anyone at least once in their life, found himself changing a damaged tyre, with a flat tire due to an accident, or a nail caught on the road or during a parking manoeuvre.

It can also happen that someoneeither drive a nail or cut rubber while the car is parked, to damage it. Unfortunately these inconveniences happen and it is useless to deny it they are annoying.

Years and years of research in the automotive sector have not brought great results in solving or avoiding damage to the tyre. But now there seems to be an optimal solution ready to help those in difficulty.

It happens to puncture in the middle of the road, in this case you have to wait for the tow truck to arrive or someone capable of changing the wheel, perhaps the tire specialist who obviously charges triple, because the assistance service is paid.

car tires what are the hairs for
What are the hairs on car tires for –

Goodbye tire change thanks to the run flat, that’s what it is

But why do it if you have the opportunity to buy the Run flat tyre? It has a higher price, two or three times, compared to the traditional tire, it also has many advantages including resistance to impact and damage.

After pecking a nail, you can continue at a maximum speed of 80 km/h until you reach a workshop that allows you to repair the wheel and avoid total damage.

The run flat was built in such a way that it couldr protect the inner tube for a long time. The advantages are obvious because you never have to worry about being stranded, with due caution you can get anywhere.

Unfortunately though to date Run Flat tires are not very well known because the cost is high and because there are few brands that produce them. Among the few there is for example Honda. The choice is in the hands of motorists who must weigh the pros and cons of what to do.

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