Flooded BMW M Roadster Gets the Last Wash Before It Is Disassembled

Among the victims of Hurricane Ian is this BMW M Roadster. Not only was it flooded by the storm, but the rescue company decided to park it in the lake behind their store. Between the flood and submersion of the lake, it was beyond repair. In addition to whatever other parts are damaged by water, cars are covered in layers of mud, mud, dirt and anything else you can imagine.

That makes it the perfect car for demonstrating how even the dirtiest car can be cleaned and made immaculate. A flooded BMW can seem like an odd choice to wash and detail, but there are some practical benefits to cleaning it.

For full disclosure, the company that bought the BMW, J&J Auto Salvage, doesn’t repair it or put it back on the road. It’s starting to split. Anything and everything that could be saved was stripped away before the remains of the dead M Roadster made its way to the crusher. All parts will be listed for sale with a disclaimer regarding BMW’s status as a flood rescue car.

The first step is to vacuum and disassemble the interior. Everything comes out and will be saved or thrown away. One thing to note is that all of the wiring and electronics are scattered throughout the BMW’s interior, most of which are submerged for long periods of time. Water doesn’t get along with electronics which is one of the biggest reasons cars get totally flooded.

It’s amazing how much of the interior was saved, from the console, seats, trim, and even some carpets and upholstery. Everything was power washed, scrubbed, and dried, so neat. Meanwhile, the outside is thoroughly washed to remove any mud or salt. This includes the engine bay, which is labor washed to remove the worst dirt.

The end result is nothing but a major transformation. With everything cleaned and reassembled, the BMW M Roadster almost looks ready to drive. The paint shines, and the interior is clean and tidy. Except for damage to the front, this car looks clean and well maintained.

Sadly, this BMW M Roadster will never see the road or fast laps around the track again. However, some will live on, helping improve other BMWs.

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