Why do so many no longer wear seat belts? The law is not what you think

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Seat belts are one of the most effective yet underrated safety systems. Watch what the law says.

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Failure to use the seat belts it is one of the most widespread infringements of the Highway Code. Although over time we have become accustomed to this safety system, especially thanks to cars that “warn” when they are not being worn, there is still a tendency not to use them because they are considered uncomfortable and impractical.

Initially, in Italy lcompulsory to wear seat belts, first introduced in 1989, was reserved for the driver and front passenger only. Later, it was extended to all types of cars and also to rear passengers.

An obligation which is naturally regulated by the Highway Code and which, if broken, can lead to even severe penalties.

What does the law say about the requirement for seat belts

In particular, it is thearticle 172 of the Highway Code to regulate the obligation. Specifically, you must always wear seat belts when driving cars of the type:

  • L6e, which identify four-wheeled mopeds, light quadricycles with an empty weight not exceeding 350 kg, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cubic cm or 4kW for electric vehicles;
  • M1, M2 and M3cars with four wheels and seats and seats intended for the transport of people;
  • N1, N2 and N3vehicles with four wheels designed for the transport of things
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Special attention is also paid to i younger childrenwith a height of less than one and a half meters, which must be placed on the seat with a special system (the classic “high chair” to be clear) that is suitable for the weight of the little one.

The cases in which you are not obliged to use seat belts and what the fines are

As with any law, also in this case there are naturally provisions exceptionswhich concern in detail:

  • The components of police busy doing their duty during an emergency
  • Drivers and workers of fire and health service vehicles during an emergency
  • Drivers of vehicles used for the collection and transport of waste and special vehicles engaged in environmental cleaning activities in built-up areas, industrial and artisan areas
  • Professionals of private security services in service
  • Driving instructors escorts of aspiring candidates
  • The people who are affected by particular pathologies and/or physical conditions for which the use of seat belts would be inappropriate: the condition must be certified by medical documentation
  • Pregnant women provided with a certificate issued by the attending gynecologist
  • Passengers of vehicles of type M2 and M3 used to carry standing passengers
  • Components of armed forces in service

The sanctions for violations of the obligation are, as mentioned, very severe. The fine can start from 83 euros and go up to 332 euros: in case of recurrence, you risk the license suspension from 15 to 60 days.

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Anyone driving with a seat belt system that has been altered for any reason will have to pay a fine from 41 to 167 euros: whoever puts non-approved devices on the market risks a fine which he can exceed 3000 euros.

Finally, there is also the deduction of 5 points on the licenseunless the violation is committed by the passenger.