The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Spies Hiding Its Subtle Styling Tweaks

The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door goes on sale in 2019 after debuting at the Paris Motor Show the previous year. The automaker gave the model a slight revision for 2021, adding new colors and wheel options, but that’s due for a more substantial refresh. New spy photos show a partially camouflaged example trying to hide the minor styling changes coming to the car.

It’s hard to identify tweaks on the front end. Camouflage covered the front bumper, grille and part of the hood. The headlights are the same as before and open, but should receive new graphics before the car makes its debut. We hope Mercedes massages the bumper and grille styling but don’t expect any major changes to the overall design.

The rear of the car is completely exposed, as seen by our spy photographers on previous test vehicles. Mercedes didn’t make any restyling changes, but could get new taillight graphics and a revamped bumper design. The car’s interior photo is a stark reminder that this is a mid-cycle refresh. The cabin looks largely unchanged from the AMG GT 4-Door on sale today, but it appears that the display screen in front of the driver is more integrated into the dashboard. We need to take a closer look to be sure.

A mid-cycle refresh usually means a car’s current powertrain lineup is brought over with minor changes. It’s unclear whether Mercedes-Benz plans to make more significant changes to the car’s available engines, and the photos don’t show any. We hope the plug-in hybrid AMG GT 63 SE Performance remains available. Mercedes paired a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with an electric motor in the model that produces a total of 831 horsepower (620 kilowatts) and 1,033 pound-feet (1,400 Newton-meters) of torque.

While the updated AMG GT 4-Door appears to be production-ready, we don’t expect Mercedes to launch it until the second half of 2023, as the model is still in the early stages of development. Automakers could tweak the sedan’s design even further before breaking the bank with new rear styling and lighting graphics.

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