Have you ever seen this secret tailgate lock? Here is their true function

Not everyone will have noticed that there is a secret lock in the rear doors of cars.

Secret lock
Secret lock – Motorinews.it

The more observant will have seen it and wondered whywhile the less attentive don’t and don’t even want to know.

In reality, knowing every facet of the vehicle that we all use every day to get around, to go to work, go shopping and simply do the shopping, is important, especially when it comes to safety.

Cars and secrets that not all motorists know

All cars are equipped with safety systems that make the vehicle functional, 100% safe, even for the little ones. It often happens that you go out alone with the childrenwhich obviously does not create a situation of serenity but far from it because they are unpredictable.

That’s why if you can predict and prevent problems, it’s best to do it as soon as possible. In this case it may be useful to know what the lock is for present in the rear door of the car.

The lock in this area of ​​the car has been part of vehicles for a few years, if activated it closes the door internally and does not allow it to be opened from the inside, but only from the outside. In a nutshell she blocks the handle.

So if there are children in the car, there is absolutely no risk, except for fun, curiosity or mischief can open the door in dangerous situations such as when you are parked or stopped at a red light.

Sudden opening of the door can be dangerous for several reasons, for example children can escape into traffic or cause cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians to fall over without even realizing it.

How to recognize the button that saves the lives of those traveling by car and beyond

Once the lock is activated, you can rest assured because adult intervention is required to be deactivated. The block can come in different shapes, sometimes it can be moved with the finger and has the shape of a lever.

Other times it can be a button, on more recent cars it can be activated electrically. The lever for inserting the safety present in the rear door is sometimes indicated with a drawing with the silhouette of a child, others with a padlock.

If you are not familiar with the machine, it is advisable to get information and read the vehicle instruction booklet carefully so as not to make mistakes. Locking the rear door of the car is not only practical but also reassuring even when accommodating people with disabilities

Like everything, this too has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is being able to circulate safely without any fear, the disadvantage is that in the event of an accident or passengers traveling in the rear of the vehicle, they have no way of getting out on their own.

At most, you can try to get out by lowering the window and then pulling the handle. If the window is also blocked, it may be necessary to intervene from the outside.

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