Why do speed cameras never show the real speed of the car? You don’t even imagine

Speed ​​cameras are the most hated thing by any motorist in the world. However correctly they may be reported, it is difficult to notice in time, so they often get fined unnecessarily.

Motorists rarely respect the speed indicated by road signs, so they exceed it, even if by a little and in some cases by a lot.

Speed ​​Cameras
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But most motorists have realized that in reality the speed indicated by cars and that indicated by speed cameras or maps are different.

Speed ​​cameras often inaccurate

The speed reported by speed cameras is clearly lower than what is shown by the speedometer. This is usually thought to be due to poorly calibrated speed cameras, or apps not working as they should. But that’s not the case, here’s the real reason.

The causes of road accidents are many, but for the most part there are three in particular. There is talk of speeding which ranks first, followed by alcohol consumption and distractions which they can be really many and sometimes even unthinkable as well as dangerous.

In general, no one should think that they are ignoring the law, for whatever reason. Yet many do. All cars have a speedometer, which has the task of reminding those behind the wheel to go slowly and not to overdo it so as not to risk their lives and endanger others.

Speed ​​Cameras
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Because the speedometer and the speed camera indicate two different speeds

The speedometer in the car determines the speed of the vehicle, which never matches that of the GPS or the speed camera for a specific reason. The speedometer gets its data from a sensor which is located directly in the gearbox.

This is part of an electronic system that works with electrical impulses. Whereby the faster the car’s transmission spins, the more electrical impulses are sent, correspondingly higher it will be the speed indicated on the instrument panel.

The manufacturers include a minimal margin for error to cover your back should you have to verify any type of accident. That’s why speedometers are quite inaccurate.

By driving at a lower speed, they prevent the driver from continuing to accelerate thinking he can do it a little longer, risking a lot. Margin of error is expected on any car, from the most expensive to the least expensive, elegant to sporty

There is talk of a 10% margin of error. or about 5 km per hour. The difference between the actual speed and that displayed on the speed cameras is the main reason, followed by other factors such as tire pressure or the weight of the car which cause a variation of 2 km per hour.

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